The Colorado Attorney General has recently declared that, "Nothing in the Colorado UNIFORM DEBT-MANAGEMENT SERVICES ACT (DMSA) excludes tax debt relief companies or states the act is limited to secured debt. 

If the Colorado Attorney General is allowed to control Tax Resolution Companies using the DMSA, we may be faced with legislation that could severely limit our ability to represent clients before the IRS, or worse yet, eliminate the Tax Resolution industry completely.

Through our Association's lobbying efforts, we intend to be proactive in dealing with the Colorado Attorney General concerning this matter.  Taxpayers are entitled to competent, professional representation, and we intend to fight for the public's right to get the help they need.

Please read about our Association, and consider joining immediately.  We can use your support to allow us present to the Colorado Attorney General reasons why we believe that Tax Resolution companies should not be regulated by the DMSA.  

Please join today!  Other states' Attorney Generals are considering taking the same position as the Colorado Attorney General, and we are the only professional association ready and willing to defend the Tax Resolution industry.


About the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies

The National Association of Tax Resolution Companies (NATRC) represents the efforts of a broad spectrum of the industry including CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents, located throughout the United States. Our mission is to promote and ensure the protection of consumers from unfair and deceptive advertising claims from unscrupulous tax resolution providers.

NATRC is an industry education and advocacy organization whose mission is to promote and ensure the continued operation and viability of tax resolution companies. As a NATRC member, you may participate in and receive the following benefits, and more:

Industry Groups, Forums and Organizations
NATRC serves as your representative to associations and meetings of organizations related to, or impacting, the tax resolution industry. NATRC attends various forums voicing the position of the industry, protecting the interests of our members and promoting the tax resolution industry.

Public Education
NATRC is at the forefront of the management and administration of programs to create a favorable public understanding of tax resolution companies through proposed economic studies, technical papers, industry statistics, educational programs, legal analyses and public relations campaigns.

NATRC's committees are your opportunity to serve in developing policies and solutions to the industry's most pressing issues. Committees involve all segments of the industry to provide broad-based support and an industry wide consensus.

NATRC Hotline
The NATRC Hotline is your way to ask your question and have it sent via e-mail to all NATRC members for their review. The NATRC Hotline is anonymous and all members share in the answer(s). The question is sent by NATRC and all responses are received by NATRC. We then consolidate all the responses without disclosing the origin of the question or the answers and send them in a single e-mail to the organization that posed the question and to all NATRC members.

Public Affairs
NATRC works to promote public education and consumer awareness of the tax resolution industry through gathering and publishing statistics, media alerts, consumer information, newsletters, consumer articles, educational campaigns, technical papers and proactive media relations.

Industry Vendors
NATRC is the center point of the industry – bringing together tax resolution companies with their suppliers and vendors. NATRC vendors introduce, describe and show what is available in the marketplace and how they can help you run a more successful business.

The NATRC is the formal trade association that came from the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition that was started informally in 2010 in response to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) inclusion of tax debts in amendments to the "Telemarketing Sales Rule" (TSR). The TSR would have made illegal for providers to accept any fees until all negotiation services were completed and payment had been made by the taxpayer to the IRS.

The National Association of Tax Resolution Companies has members across the country who will work with state and federal regulators to identify best practices in protecting consumers from deceptive advertising.